Hubungan Antara Pengetahuan Remaja Tentang Seks Dengan Pergaulan Remaja Di SMKN (Sekolah Menengah Kejuruan Negeri) Bandar Kabupaten Pacitan

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Eliya Rohmah Noka Puspitasari


Adolescence is a period of transition from children to adults, not just in terms of
psychological but also physical. Even the physical changes that occur that are a primary
symptom in the juvenile growth, whereas psychological changes arise, among others, as
a result of physical changes. After the interview on 5 student at SMK (Vocational High
School) Bandar obtained two students have good knowledge about sex and 3 students
have knowledge about sex is lacking. Of the 123 students in grade 11, there are eight
students out.
The general objective of this research was to determine the Relationship Between
Knowledge About Teen Sex With Teen Intercourse at SMK (Vocational High School)
Bandar Pacitan. This tyipe research is analytic with cross sectional approach. A total
population of 123 students. In this study used a sample of 94 students. Independent
variable in this study is the knowledge of adolescent about sex. The dependent variable is
the teenage promiscuity. In the collection of data in this study using a questionnaire.
Hypothesis testing is done with the Spearman Rank correlation test.
Based on the research that almost half of adolescents knowledgeable Both are 34
respondents (36%), and nearly half of them (46%) have positive Teen Intercourse . From
the test results obtained Spearman Rank probability value (Ļ) = 0,000 with significance
level of 0.01. So there is the Relationship Between Knowledge About Teen Sex With Teen
Intercourse At SMK Bandar Pacitan. With a correlation coefficient of 0.651, which shows
that the relationship strong.
Expected more teachers often provide knowledge about sex, counseling and
parents should supervise their children in order to control not one to hang out. And for
health workers is expected to do counseling in schools about the knowledge of sex that
teens do not get the wrong information about sex.


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