Hubungan Pengetahuan dengan Sikap Ibu Hamil Primigravida tentang Persiapan Persalinan di BPM Ny “E” Desa Serangan Kecamatan Mlarak Kabupaten Ponorogo.

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Eliya Rohmah Suprijati Suprijati Titik Susanti


Based on the preliminary study in BPM Ny "E" Serangan Village, Mlarak Subdistrict,
Ponorogo Regency got problem that mother came to BPM with complete opening
and did not bring delivery preparation. To overcome these problems it is necessary to
make improvements in information about the preparation of labor through midwives,
doctors, mass media and others. This study aims to determine the relationship of
knowledge and attitudes primigravida about labor preparation in BPM Ny. "E" Serangan
Village, Mlarak Sub-district, Ponorogo Regency.
This research was analytic with correlation approach, cross sectional research
design, this research was conducted at BPM Ny "E" Serangan Village, Mlarak Subdistrict,
Ponorogo District, from January to February 2017. Population were all
primigravida pregnant women in January -February 2017 with the number 30, the
sample with the amount of 30 with the sample total sampling. Independent variable is the
knowledge of pregnant women pimigravida about delivery preparation and dependent
variable is attitude of pregnant woman pimigravida about delivery preparation. The
research instrument used questionnaire. Statistical test by using Spearman Rank at a
significant level of 0.05.
Based on the results of research in the knowledge of labor preparation most of
the respondents are 18 (60%) knowledgeable less. Attitudes about the preparation of
childbirth almost all respondents ie 24 (80%) with a negative attitude. There is a
relationship of knowledge with attitude of primigravida pregnant mother about labor
preparation, with Sperman Rank statistic test get p value 0,001 <α 0,05 so H1 accepted
and H0 rejected. With Coefficient Correlation 0.555 which means there is a moderate
From the results of this study is expected to play an active role in following
each counseling so that it can add information and improve the ability to make
preparations for childbirth as well as understand the importance of preparation of labor,
and for health workers to increase the efforts of health services primigravida, especially
counseling about the preparation of labor so that it can improve pengtahuan
primigravida about labor preparation.


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