Hubungan Nyeri Haid (Dismenore) dengan Aktivitas Belajar Sehari-Hari Pada Remaja Putri Kelas VII Di SMPN 3 Pulung.

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Dysmenorrhea can affect more than half of women who have menstruation,
and the reported prevalence varies considerably. The result of preliminary study
at SMPN 3 Pulung, Pulung Subdistrict, Ponorogo Regency, found that girls of
class VII with a total of 53 students obtained data that 46 students had
experienced menstrual pain (dysmenorrhea) and 7 female students have not
experienced menstruation. There are two primary dysmenorrhea and secondary
dysmenorrhea, the factors affecting primary dysmenorrhea are <12 years. Never
have a child, long period, smoking, obesity, and secondary dysmenorrhea
Endometriosis, adenomyosis, IUD, Ovarian cyst. So that students who experience
dysmenorrhea sometimes have to ask permission to not follow the learning
activities because they can not stand the dysmenorrhea they experience. The
purpose of this study was to find out the Relation of Menstrual Pain
(Dysmenorrhea) with Young Women Learning Activity.This research was
conducted at SMPN 3 Pulung Pulung Subdistrict Ponorogo Regency on
February 9, 2017 type of research used is analitik. In this study the population of
all VII class students of teenage girls who experienced menstruation that was
present during the study of 46 female students, the method used this sampling
technique Accidental Sampling, the number of samples is 46 students In this
study the variables are Dysmenorrhea and Learning Activity. And analyzed by
Spearman Rank statistical test. Based on the research results obtained the
highest level of pain is severe pain with a total of 37 female students (80,4%), it
is known that the study activity criteria is disrupted with a total of 40 female
students (87%) respondents. Based on the calculation of Spearman Rank
statistical P=0.000 is less than 0.05 (P˂0.05) which means that Ho is rejected
and Ha accepted, it can be concluded that there is a relationship of pain
Menstruation (dysmenorrhea) to the daily learning activity in the second grade
girls in SMPN 3 Pulung with the level of corelation of 0.602 which means the
strong level of closeness. It is advisable for young women to apply healthy lifestyles
in order to reduce the occurrence of dysmenorrhea and learning activities will
not be disturbed.


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